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The joy of life, dilat peaceful roiutines

iPad adventures

Visions: san Crispin, Umbria

My view on long exposure

 a. To express Bergsonian Time: beyond the insipid snapshots of time, the continuous indivisible Time that only is approximated in the clock time version needed to “be on time” in our daily tasks or to perform technical computations.

b. To give the feeling of a painted scene. I believe that in this way one may get what Proust’s complex recovering of one’s past  is about. I have the idea that this process may well be extended to pick up from a foreign (to us) location thoughts and feelings  not experienced by ourselves from a past embedded in the location.Ref. Rupert Shelldrake Morphogenetic Field?

Remembrance of Things Past.Series

The past recovered, Fiumicino

Pintura.La playa: días de tiempos remotos

Paintnings. Traces at the Galllery

My Van Gogh Chair

Silly comparison, just bytes that will perish in my hard disk and will be destined for oblivion

Quotidian scenes: watching TV with Bergsonian time.

 Bergsonian time is an amazing idea. I used to despise it long ago when I was a science fan and followed ardently Bertrand Russell's refutation to Bergson. Today I am considering more carefully the idea that Time is indivisible and not just a sequence of snapshots. Having said that, my conclusion is that long exposure describes better reality than "focused" descriptions. That is why I think there is a huge difference between painting  and photography in general.  
 Time a la Bergson. Enjoy  

Ncoturne, reflections in Umbria

The country side, nature...

Another sample of "dogmatic thought"?

The other side of pools

Mis expectativas

Painting 310: we are landscape

Painting #8 : The Tablet

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that “it is in speaking that we discover what is that we want to say”
It is in painting that we disclose our images?

Painting #7: We are landscape, just that

The self

Architecture Frozen Music

Painting #5


Do I feel, think, exist

Architecture and Mind

Architecture and Mind

El Tiempo retratado.. y nuestra impronta

Untitled /Titled

The man who takes on the "greatest burden"

Sculpture as a landscape.III

What is Time

What is Time? For physicists it is basically the Line of the Real Numbers System; just a little more than the 2500 years old definition of Aristotle. Naive, naive, naive..

At the bar