Apuntes sobre sábanas

Apuntes sobre un paisaje

La vida

Nature and mind, different ways in which its existence is manifested

Proyecto La sábana blanca

Cuaderno de apuntes

A walk

Yo pinto -II

Yo pinto

To belong to the World

"Why are we so full of restraint? Is it fear of losing ourselves?
Until we do lose ourselves there can be no hope of finding ourselves.
We are of the world, and to enter fully into the world
we must first lose ourselves in it.

Henry Miller

Buscando arte en la cotidanidad.

Everything is Past

Our sense organs are not cameras and recording devices, and our minds are not calculators.
Merleau Ponty

A self portrait

Quiero SER

Relatos del encierro

Passion and Being

Study of the left hand


"For the sake of: Heideggerian thoughts

Art space

Ella en el Tiempo

A bit about Hockney and me IV

A bit about Hockney and me-III

Rhythms and Forces

Amores posibles: el piano

El Tiempo, la Presión y el Sueño

A bit about Hockney and me - II

Left hand : study


A bit about Hockney and me