The privilege of Thought

I have to endure, keep working while my country falls in pieces

Mis musas, siempre presentes

Is art really important?

My daily dosage against vidiotics ( á la Perniola)

La larga espera

I am the difference

The opression of Classicism: Epoché!

The opression of Classicism: Epoché!

The sex appeal of the inorganics. Perniola

Edinburgh: new thoughts

If  the  audience  absorbs  the  work of  art, but  the  audience  is  itself  trapped in mythologies  and alienated subjectivity, then the revolutionary power  of  art  is  truncated.

Rojo, vida,intensidad, dolor, miseria y muerte

La Divina Comedia

La Vigilia larga y oscura noche

“Dejemos que nuestros cuadros hablen por nosotros”
Van Gogh...

Tout ce qui plaît a une raison de plaire

Tout ce qui plaît a une raison de plaire, et mépriser
les attroupements de ceux qui s'égarent n'est pas
le moyen de les ramener où ils devraient être.


"Transit" togehter ( a la Mario Perniola)

A donde vamos

No hay vuelta atras

We don't know were we are going

Our fate

Our darkest hours

¿No sabemos a dónde vamos?

A donde vamos

Looking for "expressionless" in my works . Ref Walter Benjamin

Il popolo

Apuntes arquitectónicos

Música para una exposición

Jasper Johns was insane when he did it?

Sin autor, es de ustedes

Our flag: as Phenomenon or Noumenon?

Our flag:asymptotic views

Man is his disappearance

Man is his disappearance in the denaturalization of his essence.
Appearing, he disappears: his essence defaults