A bit about Hockney and me IV

A bit about Hockney and me-III

Rhythms and Forces

Amores posibles: el piano

El Tiempo, la Presión y el Sueño

A bit about Hockney and me - II

Left hand : study


A bit about Hockney and me

Etude: Le main gauche

Etudes: Le main gauche -2-

Etude" Le main Gauche

Etudes: Le main gauche

Etude: la main gauche

Lo que es, no es; y lo que no es, es

¿Qué llevas en tu mente?¿Somos?

The Layers of Being

Do you really believe in subjectivity?

Fiera di Roma

A study for a portrait

Classicism recconsidered

A study of a landscape

Trying to learn the lesson from Cezanne is still valid

La nostagia invernal


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