Equivalence Relations

Equivalence Relations:

in mathematics as one very popular author, Michael Spivak says, "when there are two mathematical objects you want to be equal, try to relate them by an equivalence relation".
Going beyond technical definitions on may find in Wikipedia, they are device to cope with the unknown reality, if that exists, beyond the appearances

These are two visual "equivalent" sights of a common day in Princes Street in Edinburgh, is there any reality beyond these images?

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Time and Life

Time is not just a series of nows. It is time for doing things with things.
Time is dated by reference to things and events, the time of my birth,
for example, or the time of so-and-so’s death.

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The Future

As Dr Johnson said: ‘To prefer one future mode of life to another, upon just reasons,
requires faculties which it has not pleased our Creator to give us.’

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