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The goal of the body of work entitled Interior Landscape is to open a space for the viewer to experience an external, familiar landscape in an altered way-letting the eye tap into both a real world view and a personal, inner terrain.

Beginning my career as an abstract painter, I progressively moved towards abstraction in my photography. In exploring different ways to photograph the landscape, I intuitively approached the work from a painter's point of view while abstractly composing in camera. My goal was to create visual tension while leveraging natural distortions within my compositions. The distortions act as a filter-allowing the viewer the choice of what to focus on-both internally and externally.

By using the natural distortions present in our every day world-moisture on windows, swirling smoke, rising walls of mist-I transform the landscape into an unfamiliar world of concealment and uncertainty. This transformation evokes a painterly quality, while still retaining a connection to the realism inherent in photography. While focusing on the most minute details of these natural distortions, we generate a space for quiet contemplation-breaking old, rigid view patterns and allowing for a new external and internal vision to occur.

By  Carol Inez Charney