Joan Kaufman's work embodies aspects of sculpture, theatre, photography, and digital media. She works in series producing large format B/W photo-based images that blur the boundaries between illusion and reality. By creating constructed realities within theatre-like settings, her images are experienced as moments suspended in a larger unfolding narrative.

Her current exhibition, Sure Sign, explores the fragile yet steadfast nature of human beings living in a new and dangerous world. Responding to threats in primitive and makeshift ways, their actions are a metaphor both for the individual caught in a personally precarious situation and a cautionary tale for the larger world that we live in.

A Toronto-based artist, Kaufman has exhibited both nationally and internationally in public and artist-run galleries; is the recipient of Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council and Manitoba Arts Council grants; and has works in both public and private collections.

Red Head Gallery
401 Richmond St. W. Ste 115, Toronto for more information.

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