December 2015

A path to beginnings, where the difference is still.

What is the motive for this "fugitive" way of saying "I"?. Tuscany


Sallisbury Cathedral.

Poetry should make the visible a little hard to see.
Wallace Stevens

New beginnings. West Bay. UK

Das Man. Stonehenge

Norms. Capua

Patterns of norms use people as means to their perpetuation.

Nothing is grounded. Capua

..nothing is grounded and that there are no guidelines for living gives Dasein increased openness, tenacity, and even gaiety.


Temporality. Bagnoregio


A place for meditation and hermenutics. Bagno Regio

Scenes to listen to Debussy. St. Ives

Whereness. Civita Vecchia

In every definite here and there
something like a where or more precisely,
whereness must already be understood

Magda King

Reality.St. Ives

Reality is not always probable, or likely.
J.L. Borges

Existentiell. St. Ives

Reality. St. Ives

Crab, Chowder, Melts, Teas, Baguettes, Meringue, Cakes and FFES
If time is only a finite part of reality, this is because it exists against a deeper background of nothingness.

M Heidegger

The Human Phenomenon.Stonehenge

Stonehenge, The Temple of Man.

The Temple of Man: Stonehenge

At the beginning it was not clear, just gazing here and there
The people, colours, pocket cameras, selfies and poses.
The languages..., there started the whole thing
In the center, The Temple of Man, Stonehenge
It was amazing,  I became one with time with respect, admiration, unity

Listening and Silence, the dialectic of Discourse. EUR, Rome

The silent background.EUR, Roma

The apparent silent background. Circa Cambridge

Porthcurno, Cornwall.

For thinking and being are the same. PARMENIDES

Thinking and Being. Cornwall, circa Bath

For thinking and being are the same.