November 2016

Studies for fading existences. Pettenwem. Scotland

Studies of fading existences

Buvez, mon sein, la naissance du vent!

Studies of fading existences

"Ils ont fondu dans une absence épaisse.."
Dedicated to A.L.

Dialogues with Rothko V2 Series

Dialogues with Rothko N1

Dialogos Baconianos V2

Diálogos Baconianos.

A mi querido amigo Juan Almécija

My world. Somewhere in Scotland Highlands

Past and Present

Dialogos Baconianos

Dedicado a mi querido amigo, colega y profesor Reinaldo Giudici​

Notes for a still life

Cezannian still life studies revisited


Back to Futurism?

Thinking about colour and light on a solitray strange morning

Life, Present and Past

Notes for a study in yellow


Evening thoughts

Baconian notes for a self potratit. Down with "selfies" trend

Notes for a Self Portrait. Aganst "selfies" trend

Notes for a painting. Wheal-Coates, Cornwall

Notes for a painting. Wheal-Coates, Cornwall

Hopperiana. Unconscious optics

St. Ives, Cornwall

Das man: Man and Culture

Das man: Man and Culture

Scotland windows

Where does reality lies?

Paroxism. Edinburgh

The impotance of Being Red

Martirio. Malditas faldas negras

El valor de vivir y crear. Vidriera en Edimburgo

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