January 2017

The images more charged

"The images most charged with philosophy are not necessarily those
that contain what they show, but rather those that most energetically
open upon Being, because they more closely convey the life of the whole
and make our habitual evidences vibrate until they depart."


Clair de lune, geometrie

Road with red and cloud

Scottish Madona

Beyond language

Space / Space*

The Uncertainty Principle


Deleuze's Baconian Diagrams

Deleuze's Baconian Diagrams

Concepts, just concepts.

Escaping illustration. Maranzion

Chacune de mes oeuvres, chacun des plans de moi-même

Aproximación al paisaje escocés

Series Thrown-into-Red. I

Study II for a Scottish landscape

Two studies for a Scottish landscape

Aproximación a Francis Bacon

Essays for a Scottish Landscape

Skye Nolde V2

Micro Worlds Night Essays

Nocturne-Nolde -Skye

Night essays. Skye