February 2017

We are Time and Language

The age of Man

Durdle Door

Roman landscape

Máquinas Célibes. Semántica fractal invertida. Roma

"Se demander si le monde est réel, c’est ne pas entendre ce qu’on dit" Merleau-Ponty

Serie Machine Celibataire. Fractal Inversed Semantics. Piazza Navona, Roma

Days of Glory. Series Machine Celibataire, fractal Inversed Semantics. Rome, Termas of Dioclesian

Study for a tryptich.Series Machines Celibataires, Fractal inverse semantic

Les-machines-celibataires, study . Fractal inversed semantics.Piazza Navona.Roma

An approach to Scottish landscape

Piazza Navona, Series: Máquina Célibe. Semántica inversa fractal

Meditation in St. Angelo

Máquina Célibe. Semántica inversa fractal

About Cezanne's Doubt.Rome

Ref. "Cezanne´s Doubt",Merleau- Ponty

Sensations, timeless

“And I felt, as I say, a sensation of weariness and almost of terror at the thought that all this length of Time had not only, without interruption, been lived, experienced,
secreted by me, that it was my life, was in fact me, but also that I was compelled so long as I was alive to keep it attached to me, that it supported me and that, perched
on its giddy summit, I could not myself make a movement without displacing it.”

M. Proust

Essays for a Scottish Landscape

Notes for a saturday morning study. Rome

The digital paradigm

Digital Conception Series: The Vatican

Depth. Scottland , Skye, approach to landscape series

Depth is the voluminosity of space.
Primordial Depth

Approach to landscape. Skye

..whereas breath can, at first sight, pass for a relationship between things themselves,
in which the perceiving subject is not implied