August 2017

Differential. Paseo Vespertino

Paseo vespertino

Underneath the self

Underneath the self which acts are little selves which contemplate and which render possible both the action and the active subject. We speak of our uself only in virtue of these thousands of little witnesses which contemplate within us: it is always a third party who says 'me" (DR 75);

All is interpretation

[...We witness a transformation of substances and a dissolution of forms, a passage to the limit or flight from contours in favor of fluid forces, flows, air, light, and matter, such that a body or a word does not end at a precise point. ]

Deleuze and Guattari. "A Thousand Plateaus"

El Cielo con su manto infinito... De la serie El Caminante en la Luna

"So heimatlos, so unbekannt;"

"Ich auf der Erd', am Hummed du" . De serie El Caminante en la Luna

(como soñar en un viñedo de la Toscana)

El caminante en la luna
"...glücklich, wer, wohin er geht,, ..."
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Ensayo. El Caminante en la Luna

El Caminante en la Luna: ¿ A qué se debe la diferencia?


Remembering, in my own way, Hopper

West Tuscany:The extensive through the intensive

Unknown West Tuscany

The Principle of IIdentity explained

Series: The Principle of Identity