July 2018

Impressions: Fiumicino

Impressions form a landscape


Man is his disappearance in the denaturalization of his essence. Appearing, he disappears: his essence defaults


The Human Condition

Oxford: Contingency

Roma: Contingency


A painter?
A photographer?

Perhaps not a painter in the conventional use of the term, a painter exclusively with the traditional tools of the trade,
canvas, brushes, knives, acrylics, and oils but as well with a camera, a computer and digital software to obtain a fine art print as the end product.

What is the meaning of painting for me? Could a photographer be a painter as well?
The key is the process, the amazement and fear of the blank canvas when starting a creation vs. the cold and instantaneous click of the camera.
In other words the "contingency" of the artistic creative act. Mainly the quantity of risks that you have to assume vs. the somewhat static mentality involved in the conventional photographical shot.

The challenge is simple and yet difficult, to go beyond the anecdotal and the technical reproduction of the physical appearance, i.e. to elude the pure reproducibility of a pure event (Roland Barthes).


Divertimento: Self portrait


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San Sepulcro: meditations

El caminante sobre la luna.

 Reflexiones visuales acerca de Schubert, Ref. https://youtu.be/viTRs9BThXg