August 2018

Caminos y certidumbres

En verdad no te das cuenta que vas a su encuentro
Por más que lo evadas tu camino es cierto

©Ricardo Baez-Duarte

Urbino, Italia

"Where the danger expands,
that which frees us also grows"

Hölderlin, Patmos
©Ricardo Baez-Duarte
Urbino. Italia

Montone: Painterly

New Concepts in Still Life

The Night

Italian landscape: a study

Velos: despertares

Still life analysis

Images never finished just abandoned

Ontology and Differance: subsistent entities

Desorientación ontológica

Turneriana in Roma

Inspired by a Turner's exhibition in Rome, 2018

Turneriana, Rome

Turneriana en Roma


Being-in-the-world. Stardford upon Avon





I don't know

Le visage comme paysage

Post Modern Life

Are we brave enough?

Take the red pill
The Matrix

Original man

Original man, who is not mortal, does not anticipate, nor speak, nor work, and has neither skills nor knowledge
Stiegler: Technics and Time

©Ricardo Baez-Duarte

A self portrait

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.

Acerca de una idea de mí