August 2019

Painting #8 : The Tablet

Ludwig Wittgenstein once said that “it is in speaking that we discover what is that we want to say”
It is in painting that we disclose our images?

Painting #7: We are landscape, just that

The self

Architecture Frozen Music

Painting #5


Do I feel, think, exist

Architecture and Mind

Architecture and Mind

El Tiempo retratado.. y nuestra impronta

Untitled /Titled

The man who takes on the "greatest burden"

Sculpture as a landscape.III

What is Time

What is Time? For physicists it is basically the Line of the Real Numbers System; just a little more than the 2500 years old definition of Aristotle. Naive, naive, naive..

At the bar

Pool: meditations

The face

Far from being a natural entity, the face is a constructed object, which operates in conjunction with two regimes of signs: the signifying, despotic regime, in which every signifier refers to another signifier in an endless play of signification controlled by a central, despotic power; and the postsignifying, passional regime, in which a point of obsessional fixation determines a dominant reality and constructs a subject.

From Image and Text. Essays about Deleuze

The unsayable: other perspectives

Series: Semiotics in Pleyades. Progressions