March 2020

Poiesis rather then imposition


Inspiration is nothing but the self-disclosure of Being.

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Work of art: Heidegger

My focus is how the work of art itself lets
Being appear and brings Being into unconcealedness

More into painting

There is nothing like its multi level contingency
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Otra manera de ver y escudriñar. Trabajo, detalle y zoom


Quiero escribir

Quiero escribir
ya nada es ni será igual
a pesar de que la humanidad querrá seguir con su danza
trivial, equívoca vana e insulsa

I know that this world exists.

I know that this world exists.
That I am placed in it like my eye in its visual field
Ludwig Wittgenstein.


Images[Language is] are part of our organism and no less than it

Sea Cliff, a la Kuhn

Calton Hill, a la Kuhn

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The process of self-understanding is the continual development of new life stories for yourself.


Joyful Edinburgh

The process of self-understanding

Farewell classicism. Edinburgh, The Museum of Portrait

Edinburgh another view

Classicism revised .The Museum of Portrait, Edimburgh

Images to learn about

Images to learn about

Classicism revised