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Archi ecriture / Archi-texture: all is becoming Z

Ejercicios fotográficos con celular #G

Elementary photography excercises with a cell phone, iPhone 5 S

Ah!, la peinture! Botanical

Series Archi-echriture A

The image of thought. Triptych study

Series: Traces. Progressions

My book cover in Amazon

My new book in  AMAZON, you may buy it on

All is interpretation

[...We witness a transformation of substances and a dissolution of forms, a passage to the limit or flight from contours in favor of fluid forces, flows, air, light, and matter, such that a body or a word does not end at a precise point. ]

Deleuze and Guattari. "A Thousand Plateaus"

Ensayo. El Caminante en la Luna

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