Sketches at Botanical Park, Edinburgh

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Notes on a exhibition: Bejuys Edinburgh 2016

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The image of thought.Pentatych Study


Differen t/c iation series #1

Portraits are self portraits

Notes on an exhibition by J. Beuys

Painting is hysteria

Painting is hysteria, or converts hysteria, because it makes presence immediately visible.
It invests the eye through color and line. But it does not treat the eye as a fixed organ.
It liberates lines and colors from their representative function, but at the same time
it also liberates the eye from its adherence to the organism, from its character as
a fixed and qualified organ: the eye becomes virtually the polyvalent indeterminate
organ that sees the body without organs (the Figure) as a pure presence.
Painting gives us eyes all over: in the ear, in the stomach, in the lungs (the painting breathes ... ).

Gilles Deleuze

A donde nos lleve el camino

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