Open mind

A self potrait

“That which is real and has no becoming” and “that which is always becoming but never real”.

La Pintura

A certain feeling of uncertainty


A study of a portrait

Temporality a la Bergson

My view...Gagosian

De mi cuaderno de apuntes

En el laberinto de mis sueños
llevo mi libreta de apuntes
Soledad e incertidumbre
poseer mi quimera?
Regresa la vigilia 
un vago recuerdo
en una libreta vacía

Que quiero ver?

Que quiero ver?

Orvieto: otra forma de ver

"Becoming animals" Ref. "A Thousand Plateaus "(1980) , G Deleuze

In-Humanism: Considerations

Actual & Virtual

What does it matter who is painting

"Beckett nicely formulates the theme with which I would like to begin: 'What does it matter who is painting, someone said, what does it matter who is painting?'"
Meditations on Prince Street, Edinburgh



LibertadSer libre no es en absoluto poder hacer lo que queramos, sino querer lo que podemos


Veiled over still is the poetic nature of thinking.
Where it does appear,  it is for a long time taken to be the Utopia of a half-poetic mind.
But in truth poetic thinking is not Utopia but topology,
the topology of Being.
It discloses the place where Being has its essence.


"There is no human essence

There is no human essence; the human being is a potential being [che l'uomo e un essere di potenza] "

Perhaps. Meditations on V&A, Dundee

Meditations, Dundee, V&A Museum

Dundee dreams

About Ontology and Architecture

Living Time

Just Time?

The thing itself is not a quiddity or absolute substance

Airport: time

Pure present, no past and future

La mirada mirada ciega de la ignorancia del saber matemático.
The Purloined Letter
Edgard Allan Poe