Difference and Repetition Series

Is there any meaning to an "original" digital artwork? It does not exists, but the meaning is found through repetition, difference , conveyance and circulation ( Du Champ)

Difference and Repetition Series

Difference and Repetion: creation and transfer of meaning


Gratis Dictum. Difference and Repetition Studies

The plan(e)

The plan(e) can always be described, but as a part aside, as ungiven in that to which it gives rise … Life plan(e), music plan(e), writing plan(e),
 it"s all the same: a plan(e) that cannot be given as such, that can only be inferred from the forms it develops and the subjects it forms,
 since it is for these forms and these subjects
 (Deleuze & Guattari 1987, p. 266).

Difference and Repetition Series

There is no identity, and in repetition, nothing is ever the same.
Rather, there is only difference: copies are something new, everything is constantly changing, and reality is a becoming, not a being.

[Author Anonymous]

Difference and Repetition Series

The problem of identity: Difference and Repetition


Equus: Difference and Rpetition studies.

Equus: Difference and Rpetition studies.

Non sense !

Difference and Repetition

A=A? Non sense!


No, your monitor is not damaged,nor is it my image. It is my own way to protest against this communist dictatorship that has ruined my country and its killing our brave people protesting in the streets against a coupe d'etat. Can I still publish my work while the government forces are assassinating the people? That is the terrible question I ask my self. On the other hand can we artists surrender to the dark forces and also allow the assassination of our art?

Antiquity.Schizoid Drawings

Schizoids drawings

La ignorancia

Qu"à la pointe de son savoir, à cette pointe extrême qui sépare notre savoir et notre ignorance, et qui fait passer l"un dans l"autre"

Gilles Deleuze

No time


Equus: Desire, desire machines, and flows


Machines, Fluxes, Desires et al. Deleuze